Hello Hormones!

Alright every body, my hormones are a mess right now. Seriously, I don’t ever remember nesting this much, crying so much, or getting furious at the drop of a hat.


Here is a picture of my coping mechanism at the moment:)

image Just noticed my belly at the bottom of the pic!



I know God has all of this…but my mind is racing a million miles a minute. Thank God we are planning on going to church tonight! Lord knows I need it!


I want to spend this last month reading to my babies, sitting out in the sunshine, enjoying my sleep, and soaking up the sweet kicks and hiccups.


Lord, help me to give the anxieties of this world over to you. Let me see your abundant blessing all around me that I so often take for granted. Let me find my care free spirit again that loves you and my family more than anything…


Y’all ever felt like this? Any tips to calm this crazy girl down?

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6 Responses to Hello Hormones!

  • Alyssa Rinaldi says:

    Praying for you! my “go to” release is throwing on some music, sometimes worship, sometimes Motown – you just never know what you need to groove to 😉

  • Teri says:

    I am 17 weeks along in my first pregnancy and I can relate to what you are going through! Chocolate is great and so is music. Even visiting with friends is very helpful at this time, do some hobbies that uses beautiful things like scrap booking, and of course exercising and yoga! My love and prayers are with you! 🙂

  • Nancy says:

    I also experienced hormonal surges & the unpleasant effects of such during my pregnancies many, many years ago. I can only offer what I’ve learned (finally) through the hormonal surges of menopause & it’s unpleasant side effects that I wish I’d known during my pregnancies. Cry out to the Lord, tell Him all about it, ask for His help and then trust Him to work. He has never failed me yet. He doesn’t always work as quickly as I’d like, but He always works it out. Sometimes I recognize definite lessons He is teaching me throughout the difficult times. I pray He will provide you with peace, comfort and steadiness as you complete your gestation time and await your precious new miracle.

    • Brittany says:

      Thank you so much. The Lord has been showing me over and over to just trust Him. It is hard to learn those lessons when your always on the mountaintop…sometimes you gotta be in the valley:)I am so thankful for al of the encouragement! It has blessed me.

  • Kerri says:

    Not sure if this can help, but with my last pregnancy, which was my 8th, it was my first one that I didn’t have the crazy hormonal swings! I can only attribute it to one thing, doing a modified GAPS diet. Basically, no wheat, and no sugar. Wow! It was great. I started feeling hormonal the final week of my pregnancy, and I knew my body was switching gears, getting ready to go into labor, and lo and behold, 6 days of emotional swinging later, a sweet baby girl 🙂


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