Combat with Essential Oils (Colic)

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The official diagnosis for colic is when a baby between the ages of 3 weeks and 3 months cries more than 3 hours at a time, 3 days a week, for 3 weeks in a row. The crying spells are said to be due to digestive issues rather that be reflux, gas, allergies, or an immature digestive system. Talk about traumatic for parents and baby! Colic is no joke!


I would venture to say that most mamas have claimed that one of their children have had spouts of colic during infancy. Rather their diagnosis is true or not, an unhappy, fussy baby is heart breaking and is not fun for anyone.


Let me tell ya about some natural, healthy tips to relax that squirmy baby in your arms and in turn help to ease your shoulders and keep you from pacing the halls with a screaming baby.


Top 5 Tips:

Diffuse one drop of lavender with two drops of peppermint. Lavender has a calming and relaxing effect for you and the baby. The peppermint is fresh and opens you up. These oils combined are a wonderful combination.


Apply 1 drop of dill to 1 Tbs of a carrier oil and rub it in a circular motion on your baby’s belly and back. Dill is also a wonderful oil to support their digestive system. Since Young Living essential oils are easily absorbed and cross the cell membrane, applying the oils to the skin is one of the quickest ways to give your baby relief.


Apply 1 drop of Di-Gize to 1 Tbs of a carrier oil and rub in a circular motion directly to their belly and back. This oil blend supports the digestive system as well.


One of my favorite tips is to take a drop or two of lavender on a cotton ball and place inside your shirt so when you are carrying around and snuggling the baby they are breathing in that wonderful relaxing scent and feeling your warmth to make it that much more fragrant.


Peace and calming is another oil blend that is beneficial for mama (though it helps baby too). Peace and calming promotes relaxation and a deep sense of peace. It relieves tensions and uplifts spirits. Assuming your still walking around with the baby, just open up the bottle and directly inhale when you think about it. Once your baby is finally asleep put 2-4 drops in your bath water to take the edge off.


As a note…Due to the sensitivity of babies skin be sure to dilute in at least 1 TBS of your favorite carrier oil. Diluted peppermint  is not safe to apply directly to baby’s skin.


I only recommend Young Living Essential Oils. I trust in their quality and purity and have had great results. Learn how to sign up for a wholesale account here and save 24% on your oils! You are not required to sell oils to others, you can simply buy them for yourself at a discount. If you decide you would like to partner with me and share your essential oils with others you can do that as well. Sharing is caring!


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Obviously I am not a doctor so please use your own discretion as to what is safe for your baby.


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