Little Storms

Have you ever had difficult moments in your life, but you feel bad to even call it a trial? In the midst of self-pity I am often reminded of how great my life is and how much worse off others are. My new name for the hiccups in life are… “Little storms.” It seems that my family and I have been having one stormy day right after the other. There are still lots of sunshine breaking through, but the threat of storms are always on the horizon.


My perspective of  storms have changed a little in the past few days. I have been praying for the new outlook and am slowly starting see it. Ya see, a storm arises from a lot of movement and shifting. At times we need a storm to get rid of excess pollen and mosquitoes. It does good for some things to get uprooted and blown around a bit. This is the same in all of the little struggles we face in this life. Amidst the storm is where God is. It means He is rearranging, shifting, and moving toward His ultimate purpose. What a blessing to be in the little storms of life to later have big impacts on the lives around us.


Without little storms things are stagnant, waters stand still, and leaves don’t blow. In life, we can get too complacent when things are still. Our thinking that we can do it all grows too tall and needs to be blown down.


Today I am thankful for the exhaustion, the mess, the stress, and all of the runny noses. This storm will soon pass, when I am too comfortable, another will come along and push me to Him once again:)


What storms are you going through right now? Can you see His hand through it all? IT IS THERE!

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2 Responses to Little Storms

  • katrina says:

    Such a good word for today! I truly feel this in my life. When things are too good, my thoughts get too lofty!

  • Danielle says:

    What a blessing your blog is to me. I too am going through some storms. It helps to hear that other good god fearing moms go through them too.

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