When Your Kids Make You Bananas

The conversation of kids driving their mammas crazy has been a common trend this week in my circle of friends. Let me tell ya, I’ve been chiming in right along with them. The kids have had Vacation Bible School all week so we are a bit out of our ordinary routine. The two sleepy boys and I pick up the rambunctious older girls at lunch time. When we walk in the door at home…WOW… is all I can say. Hungry and tired don’t mix well.  Some of the other moms and I have been discussing and trying to figure out what we are doing wrong to have those days when we want to pull our hair out.


Through out all of my usual deep thinking and mumblings through the day I came to a conclusion. -I don’t care what anybody thinks, but I choose to believe it was from the Holy Spirit:) THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO MAKE US BANANAS! They are supposed to take up our time, our resources, our brain cells, and our sanity. You know why? None of it is ours to begin with! I would venture to say that most of you reading this post have at some point whispered this prayer, “Use me Jesus, make me like you.” The goal in child rearing for the parent is refinement. We do everything we can to raise them up for God, He then uses all that effort and aggravation to refine us and make us more like Him.


From the beginning of time children have all been the same no matter their personality. They are all precious in God’s eyes and have all at some point drove their mammas crazy. That’s just how it is. In part of my conclusion I have decided to stop resisting it. THEY WILL DRIVE ME BANANAS no matter their age or what kind of mood I am in! Thank God for that because He is at work! I am called to give myself up for His sake. Isn’t that what motherhood is truly all about?


Ladies, let’s not be so hard on ourselves when we have had one of those days, or in my case one of those weeks. Its normal. God is behind every mess, every temper tantrum, and behind every quiet moment you thought you were going to have. He is in the midst molding us and giving us opportunity to become more like Him. How blessed we are to have daily work on our hearts.


As you start your day and that little one cries for breakfast, remember you are doing God’s work today. Smile like it is your first day on the job until your heart follows. Don’t miss out…

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3 Responses to When Your Kids Make You Bananas

  • Sarah Rogers says:

    Amen and amen! Thank you — just what I need to be reminded of today! Xx

  • Nancy Duffer says:

    Thank you Brittany, your encouraging words are so helpful.

  • Jackie says:

    Oh wow, thank you for this! And you are so right, I pray continually for God to work in my life and take the “me” out of me. Why have I never realized that is what these children are doing? Thank you for letting the Holy Spirit work in your life and sharing it with others!

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