The Curse of Debt

I think we all know why debt is not a good thing. It keeps us broke, is a burden, and keep us slave to the lender.


The curse of debt actually goes much deeper than that. What about in the area of giving to others? When we owe money on things we haven’t earned yet that keeps us from giving to others the way God gives so freely to us. We are unable to care for others, rather that be the new momma down the street who could use a meal or the missions team going to China. This has to be why God included the area of finance in His word. He knew it would keep people from their true potential of living for Him and being His hands and feet.


Can we still give while in debt? Yes, of course. But how much more could we have done when we weren’t out getting things we couldn’t afford in order to accumulate more stuff that is all going to get left behind anyways.


Our decisions to accumulate stuff affects much more than just our own wallets and families. It affects everyone in the world.


As we are busy trying to stay afloat and pay our bills we are focused inward on making ends meet or how we can get more money to get this or that. However, without debt we can look beyond ourselves and see a world truly in need of the time, money, and resources God has given us.


It is time we all start thinking differently about money. It belongs to God and He simply gives it to us to manage. How are we doing with that? If we are smart with His blessings and use them wisely to bring Him glory, then how much more will He pour on us to reach others for Him? This has been pretty heavy on my heart lately.


Let us all buckle down to kick out this debt. It is nothing but holding us back in our relationships and our joy.

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