He Sees You

For that first time momma…He sees you. He sees you google every sniffle. He watches as you put your face parallel to her chest to make sure you see it rising as they take in a breath. He sees all of the books you have been reading and hears the endless conversations as you try to figure out this motherhood thing. He is watching  you try to figure out how to go about living your life when something so precious depends on you for their every need. He watches as you get up for the fourth time that night and He sees your mind twirling, wondering if you’re doing it right. He sees the exhaustion in your eyes, yet the fullness in your heart of giving your baby everything you can. God sees and placed that baby in your arms.


For that high school girl…He sees you. He sees your frustration every time someone ask what you are going to do with the rest of your life. He watches your eyes as you scan a room of your peers thinking they have their life figured out. He sees you run from school, to practice, to your part-time job. He sees you try to fit in that Wednesday night youth service when your worn out and tried. He sees you as you sit between childhood and adult hood not knowing which move is next. He sees you studying, applying, and crying. God is watching you start down a path He knew from the beginning.


For that momma of many…He sees you. He sees you try to remember to savor the moments. He sees you as you put in that fourth load of laundry. He watches as you lift them on the counter to pour in the macaroni. He sees you keeping that smile on your face though you wonder if you will ever be able to eat a warm meal again. He sees you changing the diapers, cleaning the messes, and keeping lids on the markers. He sees you on your knees praying for wisdom and patience to keep it all together. God sees the rewards for your work.


For that single momma….He sees you. He watches as you try to combine two roles into one. He watches as you pray for guidance and healing and direction. He sees your mind turning as you wonder if you’re doing enough. He sees the struggle yet beautiful life unfolding through full reliance on Him. He watches as you go into unmarked territory with no road map and figuring it out as you go. He sees that yearning in your eyes for a break or shoulder to lean on. God sees the capable in what you can’t.


For that working momma… He sees you. He watches as you try to be two people. A professional woman on the outside and the emotional baby loving momma on the inside. He sees you as you do your best to balance meals, deadlines, bedtimes, suppers, and meetings. He watches as you drop them off wishing you could have stayed with them a bit longer. He sees the pressure from your job and watches you overcome with every ounce of strength you have again and again. God sees your efforts.


For every woman out there in every stage of life God sees, hears, and catches every tear. He collects every achievement great or small. NOTHING goes unnoticed in His eyes. Our days may be filled with what we call meaningless task, but God sees the heart and has the story already written. He is walking with us cheering us on. His love is unfathomable even at our lowest point of the day when we yell at the kids, serve cold cereal for supper, or even cry ourselves to sleep. Remember today, that He is near and is full of love for you.

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2 Responses to He Sees You

  • Brooke says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how The Lord so easily and simply answers my prayers. I needed this so much. Thank you so much. It is so hard being a 20 year old woman still living at home in a world that says I need to be going to college, on a runway and moving mountains! Why can’t I just live simply and want to get married and have a family? Why do I need to have some other plan than that? Why can’t being a mom and wife be my plan? So thank you.

  • This is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. There is a tendency to accentuate the fact that the Lord is watching to deter children from sin. But, he is watching when we are living our every day life, too.

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