The Pouring


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We empty, we pour, we ebb, we flow, we exhaust, we purge every drop of life-giving element till there is nothing left.


As a mother it’s easy to give with little ones under foot. They are always taking, pulling, tugging, capturing it all. The good, bad, and the ugly.


There must be a shift.


We must ensure we are full of the best God provides for us to offer. Rather we are pouring or they are simply stripping what’s left of us, let it be beautiful and full of life and sacrifice without depletion.


We must be purposeful about staying filled to the brim, well fed, satisfied, intense, deep and strong bodied.


Through hard lessons learned, it’s time we replenish what has been emptied in order to pour out. To pour into the lives of our family when the world attempts to deplete them. When we do this we bless, uplift, comfort, and are able to allow our cups to run over to the people who need it most.


The practicality behind it? We’ve got to get our thirst quenched with the Word of God, we have to mentally hand our burdens, anxiety, and worries to the hands that gave it all. We must move our bodies, drink water, read some good stories, laugh, cry it out, dance it out, talk it out, live it out.


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