Circumstance and Conviction

Have you ever been praying and dreaming for something then get a whisper from the Lord that you’ve got it all wrong? I’m sure a lot haven’t. I have always felt that God plants dreams and ideas for a greater purpose and to lead us somewhere. The Lord spoke to my husband this past Wednesday night at church, we HAVE had it all wrong. When we got home that night he shared His God given, “Ah hah,” moment with me and it gave me great perspective.


Ever since we were in high school we dreamed of owning land someday, the simple way of life. This post is my heart for our country dream. We came very close this past August to purchasing  an old rundown 26 acre farm. Needless to say, due to many complications from the people buying our house the deal fell through. Looking back, the entire process wasn’t easy. We had many self doubts, were stressed beyond belief, and felt as though we wasted our summer away. From that point on we have been committed to praying that God would show us that piece of land or that property where He wants us (already having our own specifications in mind.) Let me clarify,  there is nothing wrong with praying for your dream and God’s leading. For us, we were forgetting to pray about all of the other amazing dreams God had placed on our heart.


So here comes my husbands, “Ah hah,” moment…Instead of praying for the perfect piece of property we should be praying that our circumstances will follow our convictions. Let me try to explain what I mean. Over the years God has given us many convictions, and has put before us a path we feel He is leading our family. It can be so easy to be tempted to push those convictions aside when you see a piece of property  that you have dreamed about. Instead, we want to pray that He will help us to keep our situation and circumstances true to all of the convictions He has shown us.


Some examples of our convictions are:


To be 100% out of debt.

For momma to stay home as much as possible raising our children and keeping our home. (I currently work 1 12 hour night shift a week at the hospital)

To joyfully accept all of the children God gives us.

To feed our family food in the most natural state as possible (raw milk, grass-fed meats, homegrown vegetables, etc…)

Home school are children.

Slow down and soak up God’s blessings.

To help others.


With all that being said, if we are always praying for the perfect piece of land then we are missing the point. The PLACE is not our answer or our dream. It’s following God’s will and staying true to the above convictions. I want to be wherever my circumstances will help me live out my convictions. God knows what is best and all we want is to follow Him.


Our new family prayer looks something like this. Lord Jesus, thank you for opening our eyes to the path you have set before our family. Please lead us in whatever direction you may have us go to stay true to what you have placed in our hearts. If that means staying in our current home we gladly accept it knowing that none of it is wasted time as long as we are living the way you have called us to.


How about y’all? Ever had an, “Ah hah,” moment from God that shifted your perspective to see the big picture? Share your thoughts!

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One Response to Circumstance and Conviction

  • Megan Gadd says:

    I too dream of the country!!! 🙂 For me I am far from that here in the Bay Area where liberalism dominates. For years I have prayed for that dream to come true, but the Lord had other plans. My Aha moment came when He showed me to grow right where I am planted. He also showed me that people need Christ right here where I am and that if all of us “christians” flock to the country, who will share the gospel in our neighborhoods? So now I am content to obey and make our tiny little city home my “country ” dream! 🙂 Love you Sister. 🙂

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