My Sweet Number 4



My Easton Taylor has stolen our hearts. Although it has only been three months it feels like he has always been part of our family, actually in God’s eyes he has always been:) This little boy reminds me everyday what a blessing it is to follow God’s will. He was our first baby that we didn’t try to control the timing of when he was born, we let it to God as it should be. He was also our first home birth. I call him our adventure baby. The Lord has used him in so many ways to grow us deeper to Him and to trust in His sovereignty.


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His brother and sisters absolutely adore him. He loves them as well! He wakes up typically once a night to eat (sometimes twice) and goes right back to sleep. He is super laid back and LOVES the attention from his older siblings. He is even starting to protest when no one is talking to him. I find myself lingering in his smuggles longer, kissing him more, and carrying on my hip all over the house with me more. The more children I have the more I see how quickly this time passes. The waking up at night doesn’t bother the way it used to, the inconvenient feedings are welcomed as chance to hold him and just be.


His babyhood is so precious…


Thank you Jesus for fresh perspective on the sanctity of life. Thank you for the privilege of raising another soul for you.


trim.uQB1aD   His sweet laugh:)

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One Response to My Sweet Number 4

  • Ah, yes, it does fly the more kids you have. Even my pregnancy is flying this time. I’m really looking forward to my number 5 being born and I’m glad it’s coming at the end of our super busy farming season. I can’t wait to be still and really enjoy my baby. Today I’m trying to enjoy the other kiddos. They were driving me crazy so I quit working in the garden and we’re going to do some fun stuff together so they’re more settled before I go back out. Sometimes it’s so hard to balance everything and keep perspective on what’s really important. But God gives grace and I need it. Enjoy those baby days!

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