Lessons Learned From 3 to 4



With each child we are blessed with comes a new appreciation for life that is even greater than the one before. You learn how temporary every stage of life is. We look forward to the next, yet try to soak in the present, seeing like never before how this sweet time is slipping through our fingers.


The peace that follows when we trust God to give life when He sees fit is indescribable. Peace also means freedom. Freedom from laws or the philosophy and opinions of this world that states children are aggravations, financial burdens, and are a strain on marriage.


When you seek the Lord, the opposite is true.


Each child brings on a different perspective. Suddenly the night-time feedings aren’t a big deal. Fingerprints and messes mean that they are having fun. Quiet time interruptions become opportunities. Contentment is found in a cup of coffee drank slowly. Friday nights at home, filled with laughter, are chosen over any other place in the world. You might catch them with their winter hat on in summer…mismatched socks in winter…with shoes on the wrong feet…and I don’t care anymore:) Date nights start becoming priority. A disorganized, non crafty girl, like myself slowly finds her groove on how to keep things running smoothly (Most days anyways).


The different perspectives are not only about life, but of my complete ugly selfishness. I see my impatience, my laziness, and my lack of self-control.


These children bring out the absolute worst in me only to show my absolute need for a Savior. They push me to my knees seeking forgiveness and wisdom daily.


Never in my life have I needed Jesus so much to teach me what sacrificial love truly is all about, He is the author of it. Just when I think I can’t do it anymore and I have no more left to give, He is there replenishing me and sharpening my vision toward eternity.


This is why I believe and trust in God’s plan no matter what it may be. I know without a doubt, it is all used to bring me closer to Him. That is exactly where I want to be.


Where does God have you today in order to pull you in closer to Him?


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2 Responses to Lessons Learned From 3 to 4

  • Well said, very well said.

  • Cassidy says:

    Your blog just really speaks my heart. I was a stay at home mommy for 14 years with my children. Due to separation with my husband I was forced to re-enter the work world. I miss being home. God has reconciled my marriage but for reasons I’d love to share privately (do you mind sharing your email?) I am still having to be in the work world. My hearts desire is back home with my children. I miss our days at home, homeschooling, mess making and sharing life. I love how “real” you are on your blog. I’ve always kept mine real as well. The blog below is one I started just awhile back and have decided to start blogging again. I’ve blogged since 2002 I believe but it’s another blog I’ll also share with you the link in email privately. Your blog is blessing me tonight and making my heart smile. 🙂 Thank you for your words here… and for sharing your heart and a glimpse of your world.

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