When Your Heart Is Broken



My heart aches, it’s broken. I’m watching it again. Watching a precious family torn to bits by the devastation of separation and divorce. It never ceases to amaze me how deep and far spread the impact entangles itself. It’s like a cancer multiplying, killing, and bringing dysfunction to a life-giving sacrament.


This is satan’s work at it’s finest. Finding the weak spots and holes then filling it with lies and deceit. He finds his victory in our tears. He is giving a standing ovation every time a door is slammed and names are called. His hands are clapping as children watch and listen from the other room. He chuckles as lives crumble into a heap of all the other mess he has created around the world.


We have to hate it. Hate it all. Hate divorce, all things contributing, and all things promoting. We are in a battlefield.


We have to fight for the beauty. The beauty of struggles, but sticking it out anyway. The beauty of the entwining of imperfect lives in need of a savior. The beauty of sacrifice and unconditional love. The beauty of a promise kept even when times are tough.


We have to love. Love it all. Love the commitment, all things contributing, and all things promoting.


I believe in restoration and healing. This is God’s business. The most impossible situations can rise from the ashes into a spring of love, hope, and determination. I believe in God’s blueprints for life and marriage. I know that when followed, they flourish. I believe it’s all worth it. I believe we must fight and be on guard. I believe we have to stay on our knees asking God to protect our marriage and families.


A wise woman once said, “Make your sweet memories now so they can help carry you through the hard seasons of marriage.”


When times get tough, use the ammunition of your sweetest memories. Let’s always remember the times you both laughed so hard you cried. Remember the day your first baby was placed in your arms. Don’t forget all of the burnt dinners, the walks, and the falling asleep on the couch. Remember how many times the alarm clock would ring until you kicked him to turn it off. Don’t forget the anniversaries, the new house, the endless home projects, the long overdue date nights, the accomplishment of surviving your baby’s first year, the promotions, the answered prayers, the friendships… Make your own list and add to it frequently.


Reflect on your list, fan the flame, love with all your might, and pray like there is no tomorrow.


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3 Responses to When Your Heart Is Broken

  • Dawn says:

    Thank you for sharing this post. My heart breaks over divorce as well. I know you are so right about the enemy. Marriage is tough but it is also the sweetest most fulfilling union there is. When we fight for our marriage we fight for our children and we fight for God. That is why the devil seeks so hard to destroy it. I grew up Mennonite and Mennonites do not divorce under any circumstance. I am SO Grateful for that teaching in my life from the cradle. I am alarmed that so many Christian churches have failed to teach this and so many homes have fallen apart because of lack of vision.

    No, life is not perfect in Mennonite homes. I have seen cases where couples are divorced in their hearts even though they stay together. But that doesn’t take away from the truth of God’s word and that it is well worth the fight to save our marriages. Thank you for your post. You spoke the truth and I pray that more and more Christians will catch the vision to fight for their marriages and stay true to one another.

  • Matt says:

    We watched this happen over the summer to a family at church. The husband is a friend of mine; we swap hunting stories. Some of the kids share classrooms (Christian schools) with some of my kids. The wife decided she was done with her husband and just left. We had seen it coming as she bought into the “I am woman, hear me roar” philosophy and was never satisfied with her husband, her kids or anyone else for that matter.

    I told the husband after church a few weeks ago that he and his family were on my daily prayer list. He kind of smiled at me, clapped me on the shoulder and walked away. He came up to me the next week and, with tears in his eyes, thanked me for my prayers. He said he was too overcome to talk the week before.

    Please, lift up these hurting people and place them before God’s magnificent throne. Pray for repentance and restoration to God’s good Grace for any who are straying. And pray that the children do not carry this horrible imprint into their own marriages and create generations of broken homes.

    • Brittany says:

      Yes, absolutely. It is so difficult to watch especially for the children. Like you said, “Pray that the children do not carry this horrible imprint,” is so true and important.

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