Why Essential Oils Are a No Brainer!

No brainer


I am sure people can tell from my post recently that I am on a mission to get family and friends I know on essential oils. I have researched, listened to tons of testimonials, and I am add adding to my testimonials every day. From the health benefits, the money it saves us, and the versatility; my passion continues to grow every day for these little oils with huge impacts.


Today I want to share why using Young Living essential oils is a no brainer. I want to put the pieces together of why they make sense. This is one of those areas in my life where I have questioned the normal way everyone does something and have looked for alternatives, fell in love, and now want every one to know…


First point to be made is that there are 188 references in the Bible about essential oils. I don’t know about you, but if it’s in the Bible then I want it!

They have been used since early history and there are actual recipes using essential oils by the Egyptians in hieroglyphics.

An essential oil is basically taking the plants immune system, concentrating it, and using it for our own immune system.

There are hundreds of molecules in each bottle. Each one benefiting something different by promoting health, healing, and regeneration.

Young Living essential oils can be applied to skin, taken internally, diffused in the air, inhaled directly, or added to bath water.

They economically make sense. 5 ml bottles contain 85 -100 drops and 15 ml bottles contain 250-300 drops. Only one drop at a time is needed!

Time saver, no going to the doctor or waiting in line for prescriptions.

They smell amazing. Much better for your health to diffuse an oil rather than burn a candle.

Young Living’s essential oils be used in various food recipes, cleaning recipes, and body care products.



Don’t let me talk you into anything. Click on this link to find out how to sign up as a wholesale member with the purchase of a Premium Starter Kit to see for yourself what all of the hype is about.


*Bonus* For signing up as a wholesale member with me for the month of May I am giving away a “Momma Goodie Bags!”

  • A sample of a homemade whipped body butter featuring lavender essential oil.
  • A sample of homemade anti aging facial cream featuring Geranium essential oil.
  • A homemade chocolate mint lip balm featuring Peppermint essential oil.
  • A 5ml rollon bottle sample of Lavender essential oil
  • A 5ml rollon bottle sample of Peppermint essential oil.
  • A thieves spray for your purse or gym bag.
  • A sample of homemade Natural Laundry Soap.


Wait…it gets better

After you have signed up as a distributor and purchased your Premium Starter Kit I will give bonus free goodies to anyone who signs up for Essential Rewards whose order exceeds 200PV (product volume).

You will receive a FREE Diffuser necklace and a copy of  Homemade Mommy Beauty Essentials ebook for free!

-AND…Just so you know..In May Young Living will send you a free 15 ml bottle of Oregano essential oil and a free 15 ml bottle of Aroma Sieze essential oil blend when you place a single order above 190PV!


That is tons of Bonus items for enrolling with me in May! Click on this link to get started!

AND just so you know – in May Young Living will send you a FREE 15ml bottle of Oregano essential oil and a FREE 15ml bottle of Aroma Siez essential oil blend when you place a single order above 190PV! – See more at: http://www.homemademommy.net/how-to-buy-essential-oils-at-a-24-discount#sthash.m3AF3I6k.dpuf


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  • Shannen says:

    I LOVE essential oils! I use them with my 3 year old for mood management, and it’s been fantastic. Put it in her bath, or mix with some unscented lotion, and now she’s started asking for it. A great site I’ve found is learningabouteos.com. She has a dilution chart that’s great, and helps stretch your essential oils longer, plus other great safety information. Check it out!

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