What Does God Think? (Birth Control Series)


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No, the Bible does not say “Thou shall not use birth control.” However, just like with every situation the Lord looks at the heart. What are our motives for preventing more children?


If we really examine ourselves we will see that the number one answer, rather anyone wants to admit it or not, is SELF. It is easy to disguise this motive into more socially acceptable ones like these… “We want to make sure we can take care of them with that high paying job before we bring children in the world.” or “We want to have all of our fun now, or go to school now, or have time as just husband and wife… so when we are ready for children we can focus solely on them.


I know… I know… then this argument, “God gave you common sense so use it.” Yes, when it comes to health problems and family dynamics use the brain God gave you. You and your spouse seek the Lord in prayer and follow His leading, that is common sense. It does not mean…I better go on that cruise before I get off the pill so I can have one last awesome vacation!


Just like with anything else, it is all about our mindset that God is concerned about.


For Christians we know what the Bible says about children…

They are a Heritage

They are a Reward

They are a Blessing

Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them

He formed them in the womb

He knew them before they were born


Do we really believe this? If we truly did then why do so many Christians act surprised when families don’t prevent babies?


Selfishness is the root of the birth control mindset. We are born only looking after ourselves. Only God can renew the mind and heart and teach us to love the way He does. I have noticed that when a woman with more than a few children walks into a room, some get insulted. People think, “No on in their right mind would choose this!” But ya see, she didn’t choose, God did.


When we put matters in our own hands as to when it is convenient, how much money we need in the account, the trip we must go on, or the job we must have; instead of raising people… then we have missed the mark.


The value we put on children goes beyond our own families. Do we still value the life in the unmarried mother’s womb? What about the snotty nosed kids in the nursery at church? If you don’t have children are you doing your part to care for them and show them the love of Jesus? A beautiful example of this is my Aunt. She has no children of her own, yet treats every child she meets as if they were hers.


Let’s stop trying to think of every excuse to prevent children. Let’s show them they rank far above scary college tuition, trips to the Bahamas, and the designer home.


To answer my own question. Yes, God does care how we treat, respond, prevent, and think about little ones. Yes, He does care if I would rather have the new car than new life. Yes, He does care that I don’t trust Him to meet all of our needs. Yes, He wants us to have more children. Yes, He wants His army full to fight the enemy. Yes, He wants us to get over ourselves.  No one is an inconvenience in His mind and everyone is worth it. Shouldn’t we think the same way?


Contrary to what people think this is not a neutral issue. It has a ripple effect on our society. We should stop using the cop-out that this is a private issue. I want to encourage married couples to see for themselves what God says about children and to pray for His guidance. Make your decisions based on that alone, not external and temporary factors. If at times you feel led to prevent for a time then please do safely, not at the cost of hormones jeopardizing your health or possibly causing miscarriage.


When we are in the business of transforming our minds to be like Christ, we will see the backwards thinking that has become our societies new norm. We must quit clinging to ourselves and cling to God, His blessings, His promises, and His will. When we die to self, we gain more to give more.


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