All The Things WRONG With Abortion… (Birth Control Series)

Since legalized in 1972 1,500,ooo babies have been killed each year. To this day there remains the great debate on abortion. The debates are typically centered around two things. 1) When life begins and 2) a woman’s right to choose.


We will first tackle #1. Contrary to what pro abortionists insist, at the moment of conception the baby has their own DNA completely separate from the parents.  Just 3 weeks from that point the baby has a heart beat as well as a spine and nervous system. Most women do not even know they are pregnant at this point. At week 5 the arms and legs begin to develop, and at 6 weeks you can detect brain waves. At week 12 they can suck their thumbs. By 20 weeks they ARE able to feel pain since their nerves, spine, and thalamus have finished developing. People want to argue that they are nothing but a “clump of tissues.” A quick ultrasound and its obvious to see that is a lie.


#2. I am trying to not be preachy here but really? a woman’s right? It almost seems like a joke that we think we have the right to decide what life is worth it or not. Yes, we do have a choice. Don’t have sex unless you want a baby. It is not a consequence, but a byproduct. Before I get slammed for being insensitive, I am fully aware and saddened that there are horrific circumstances in which a woman finds herself carrying a baby. What happened is WRONG on every level, but it couldn’t possibly make it right by killing the baby.


The abortion process.

Just to put this into perspective. People may think it is as easy as walking into the abortion clinic with the unwanted baby, and walking out free. WRONG my dear friend. What goes on in there will haunt you until you can let God forgive and heal.


Women have two options they can use to abort the baby depending on weeks of gestation. They can take the abortion pill or opt to have the baby surgically removed.


The pill can take days or even weeks to abort the baby. They claim the advantages to this are that women can be in the comfort of her own home with a support person. However, the pills aren’t as effective over 7 weeks gestation. The woman can expect heavy bleeding, cramps, and the passing of what they call”pregnancy tissue” which means a BABY!


Surgical removal can be done by a few different techniques depending on gestational age. According to Planned Parenthood aspiration is the mot common type of in clinic abortion when the baby is up to 16 weeks. For this procedure the woman is laid back with her feet in the stirrups while her cervix is opened with rods. A cannula with a suction on the end and a knife like object attached is inserted through the cervix to suction out the baby. To make this image even clearer. The baby comes out in parts, ripped. They then use the knife to scrape out the uterine wall.


The D & C (dilation and curettage) is a similar technique except it uses the knife on the end to cut the baby into pieces then suction it out.


The D & E (dilation and evacuation) is typically done in third month. The cervix is first dilated with drugs then held opened by rods. They use a device that looks like pliers to go through the cervix and grab an arm or leg to pull out in twisting motion until only the head remains. The abortionists will then go in and crush the skull and pull it out. To make sure there are no pieces remaining inside the woman, the nurse must reassemble the baby in a basin.


In late term abortions, to prevent the older babies from being born alive, they will insert an injection through your abdomen to the baby to stop the heart beat. The abortionist will then administer a hormone to start labor and the woman will deliver a dead baby. (They would rather the baby not be moving just in case the instruments and suction don’t kill it.)


In mid and later term abortions they perform what is called a D and X. (dilation and extraction) By ultrasound they determine where the head is. They then use instruments to turn the baby into a  breech position. (feet first) They do this to go in and  pull the baby out by their legs, alive. Once the head is last thing in, with legs moving, they lift your cervix from baby’s neck and with blunt scissors jam them into the base of skull, opening to make the wound larger. A catheter is then inserted to suck out their brains and skull so the head will pass through easily.


No words that I could ever write could begin to portray the horrific disgust of what goes on every day. We are not truly educating women on what all an abortion entails. The abortion clinics aren’t going to give the grim truth. This is a billion dollar industry! Regardless of the above methods used, the end result is the same, a dead baby.


I for one cannot sit back any longer and not do my part to educate and love on the women who have fallen victim to the abortion industry. The unborn child has no voice, and are simply not protected. Heck, we have laws to protect animals from mistreatment and neglect but we have failed to do so for our own human kind!


Let’s do this together. We can do our part to keep women and precious unborn life from the tortures of abortion. Education is they key to ultimate freedom. Most importantly we must  share God’s love with post abortive women and the power of forgiveness and redemption. We cannot turn things around unless we show compassion for these women and help them. We have action to take. I encourage you to browse around some awesome pro-life websites to better educate yourself to share with others. There also wonderful images we can post on Facebook to help open eyes.


When we take a life we ultimately take our own.



Resources where I got my information:

National Abortion Federation

Planned Parenthood

Pro-life websites


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4 Responses to All The Things WRONG With Abortion… (Birth Control Series)

  • Jen says:

    Let’s not forget that abortion is a billion dollar per year industry. It is about profiting on the most vulnerable in our society; the unborn and women (an estimated 70 % of which feel pressured to abort.) Women and babies need our support.

  • Thank you SO MUCH for taking a stand on this! People need to know the truth! Also thank you for doing it in a kind manner. <3

  • Samantha says:

    As I sit and write this I am sitting in a doctors waiting room after having my ultra sound and waiting for the doctor to see me. I am flabbergasted by what I just read. I had kept myself from reading this post because I didn’t want to know the truth. I can not believe there is a woman on earth that would actually go thru with this kind of procedure. I already love my baby with all my heart and I am only 13 weeks. How could someone do such a gruesome thing to a helpless fetus. I know horrible things happen to women sometimes and a unwanted pregnancy comes out of it but that is still no excuse for this kind of behavior. Do people (including doctors) have no morals?

  • Thanks for linking up at A Mama’s Story. This post was among this week’s featured and will be shared across social media. 🙂 Blessings. 🙂

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